Welcome to Gordon's Goat Dairy

Fresh, Local Ontario Goat Cheeses handmade with our own fresh goat's milk, vegetable rennet, cultures, salt, and herbs. We do not grow GMO crops, or use Hormones. More...

It is the gentle handling of our farm fresh milk that leaves you with creamy wholesome cheese ready to be served in your kitchen!

We bring to the table a fresh light tasting cheese that even the biggest naysayer who claims “I don't like goat cheese” will be saying “I can't believe it's goat cheese!!”

In particular, our cheese appeals to children who find other goat products too strong.

So we encourage you to put your reservations aside and try any one of our cheeses! All varieties grate and slice well, and melt deliciously into soups and sauces.

Come experience our delicious handmade cheeses! Our milk is pasturized at low temperatures, preserving cheese taste and quality.

Award Winning Unique and Tasty varieties to choose from:

Moist, creamy, yogurt-y flavour. Gord's original recipe made by adding a special pro-biotic to our Havarti recipe, perfect for the health-concious consumer. It is named after the road on which the farm is located.
Creamy, mild flavour. Awarded 5th place at the Royal Canadian Winter Fair.
Firmer texture, robust, almost tangy flavour. Awarded 4th place at the Royal Canadian Winter Fair.
Mild Cheddar:
Awarded 2nd place at the Royal Canadian Winter Fair.
Aged Cheddar:
Awarded 1st place at the Royal Canadian Winter Fair.
Fresh, ooey-gooey stringy goodness. Awarded 4th place at the Royal Canadian Winter Fair.
Nice, salty block-style feta, great for cooking and in salads.
Cream Cheese:
Light and Creamy, spreadable cheese.
Gordon, Proud Goat farmer and Artisan Cheese maker

Gordon and Bethany, proud Goat Farmers and Cheese makers

Ontario Premier's Award Recipients

We want to encourage you and your family to follow the dream God puts in your heart and trust that he will open the doors for you and bring the right people at the right time to help you on your way. If you would have asked us a few years ago if we would be running a cheese factory we would have never given it a thought.

God Bless you
Bethany and Gordon Edgar