Gordon's Goat Dairy in Wroxeter, Huron County

The home farm as viewed from the road, at 43253 C-Line Road, RR2 Wroxeter

Gordon's Goat Dairy Cheese Plant under construction

The cheese plant, newly framed. All the work was done by Gordon and Bethany themselves.

Gordon Edgar, Goat Dairy Farmer and Artisan Cheese Maker

Gord making up fresh batch of cheese in new cheese plant.

It actually began early in the winter of 2003 when God opened a door of opportunity for us. At the time it did not seem like it. But now we are so grateful.

There was a surplus of milk in the dairy and every Goat producer had to dump a percentage of their milk. We could not rationalize wasting good milk, so we got the idea to make cheese, butter and ice-cream; so began the search for cheese-making recipes.

Gordon began with using a recipe found online and started experimenting with cheese, and here we are today!

Gordon's Goat Dairy evolved over the last 3 to 4 years as the price of inputs and cost of production was sky rocketing, but our income was not moving ahead and there was no relief in sight.

We liked the fact that we are a small family run operation and wanted to remain so.

We as a family enjoyed the health giving benefits of farm fresh milk, cheese, eggs, and beef and felt a desire to be able to share that with the public.

As a certified nutrition consultant and a certified iridologist since 1987, I know the importance of good, wholesome, whole foods and how they play a huge role in our health.

All the grains and hay fed to the goats are grown on our land. We use land-preserving crop rotation with a minimum of tillage, and no GMO crops. We like to use preventive measures to keep our girls in good health so we feed them natural supplements (Bentinite clay, apple cider and whey) (we call them treats) in their feed. They love it and it keeps them healthy, happy, and producing high quality milk for us every day, in turn producing high quality hormone-free and antibiotic-free cheeses.

When the weather warms up they have a door where they can go outside and enjoy the beautiful sunshine.

The little ones are hilarious. They come out to play until a car comes down the road then they all run as fast as they can tails in the air to the barn. We have had people stop on the road just to watch them!

As a part of keeping our business all in the family, we do all our own marketing and promotion. We are proud to say that we know each of our cherished retailers personally! We make deliveries personally as well.

Remember, buying local products supports your local community's economy. In turn, we do our part by buying our goods and services locally as well. Everybody wins!